Original Art & Music Festival

Mines & Pines Revisited

Friday, August 16 & Saturday, August 17, 2024

Hibbing Mines & Pines Original Art & Music Festival

Mines & Pines Revisited is a vibrant fine Art & Music Festival that will create an exceptional experience for the artists, musicians and attendees. This yearly event held in Hibbing’s historic Bennett Park, will provide creative & cultural opportunities as well as a positive economic impact on the area.

Our vision for Mines & Pines Revisited is an intergenerational celebration to bring people together from across the Range and beyond, to socialize, support, learn and educate. We will create and promote high quality, relevant Art, Music, and Education.

Events & Music

Fun for everyone. We have events and live music both days. We’re scheduling our live music. Check back for updates.


Artist vendor contests

Juried art contests for vendors with prize money!

Live music


Friday August 16th

10:00am – TBD

12:00pm –TBD

2:00pm – TBD

4:00pm – TBD

Saturday August 17th

10:00am – TBD

12:00pm – TBD

2:00pm – TBD

4:00pm – TBD

Get Involved!

There are many ways to participate in Mines & Pines Revisited Original Art & Music Festival!